MMU and the Joint Information Services Committee are asking what is your formula for the perfect candidate in the digital media sector

“There has been a lot of discussion within the sector about a perceived mismatch of skills between what employers are looking for in the rapidly changing creative digital sector and the skills that universities are teaching and encouraging students to develop. Have a go at the quick interactive employers quiz to give us your views and to get an idea of whether your requirements are similar to other employers in the sector.”

One of the self-inflicted recruitment problems the industry might have seems to be apparent on the survey page itself. All the graphics are of slim pretty faces who look about 16 years old. Nice to have around the office, dirt cheap to pay, will work long unsociable hours, will pander to the client’s ageism and misinformed prejudices about Generation Y as silicon-brained ‘digital natives’, and all that. But whatever happened to mature students? Or ugly fat kids, for that matter?

Or perhaps the page was just a product of someone hastily grabbing some clip-art, but if so then I’m thinking JISC’s Web editors need some ‘real creative graduates’ clip art?