I must have Release:
Get into some intimate duo oral action with The Pet Shop Boys, in a greasy trucker’s caff. (He he… If that doesn’t get my blog’s hit-rate soaring on the search-engines, nothing will). With similar Clary-eque double-entendre, the PSB have named their forthcoming must-buy album Release. To paraphrase Bowie; Oh, you witty things.

Con artists:
The latest UK arts-spending figures have been announced. Of the £1000s in tax an English citizen pays each year, a measly £8.50 per person is given back in the form of subsidised arts.

Galleries galore:
Three new photo galleries from expert West Midlands photographers. Excellent photos from Shrewsbury photographer Peter Rees; dramatic British landscapes from Cannock photographer Peter Clark; and interesting digital images from Eddy Sethna, well-known stalwart of the Royal Photographic Society’s Midlands Digital-Imaging Group.

15 Emins of fame:
You too could drawl like Tracey; “Yah, my new work’s in The Guardian, on the BBC, and in the Tate Modern – y’know?” The BBC are inviting submissions of interactive artworks for their site. The Guardian newspaper is inviting submissions of 15kb creative images for the site. And the Tate Modern are inviting images to “Warhol-ize” on their site.

Dreaming spires:
The dreaming spires of Oxford? Nope; a photo of city-centre Birmingham, looking across the Queensway ring-road toward the top end of Corporation Street. I snapped this today.

(large version, 45kb)