What if Web 2.5 could be made transparently rights-aware, and friendly for instant rights-clearances? That is, in any peice of media would be embedded not just the copyright metadata, but also all the information needed to automatically clear all the intellectual property rights needed to re-use that media. What if the system could be made as simple as popping up a little calculator window, with a total at the bottom; “Using no more than //90 seconds// of this music track in a commercial product sold in //the UK// will cost you //$3,000 US//. Pay here by PayPal. A secure certificate will be issued for you to embed in your product.”  All done instantly; no waiting, no egos, no “I’ll have to call our lawyers about this” responses. Don’t hold your breath for big media to offer this, but could it be done as a sort of commercial add-on variation of Creative Commons? And what if the payment was then automatically split and sent directly to the accounts of the individual creatives who had participated in the creation of the media in question? $50 to the studio technician, $250 to the bassist, and so on? [tags]creative industries[/tags]