More substantial Arts Council funding reactions and round-ups:—

Orchestra expert Norman Lebrecht sums up orchestras. Cuts to orchestras appear to amount to a blanket 11% fall.

Animate Projects rightly asks why animation is not considered an art form by the Arts Council. Deemed too likely to morph into ‘video art’-by-another-name, would be my guess.

East London almost unaffected by the cuts, says East London Lines. London in general is getting about half of all ACE’s RFO portfolio funding.

The Bookseller makes an analysis that shows ACE literature funding has actually risen by 9.9% nationally in real terms. Although that seems hard to believe of the West Midlands, with ACE WM’s strong and now-increased focus on performance and dance, and continuing lack of any funded print magazine for new writing.

The Art Newspaper reports that the UK visual arts were actually boosted by 2%, although inflation will likely reduce that into a 7% cut over the next four years.