Just those parts of today’s Budget that are relevant to creatives and the creative industries…

* “a moratorium exempting all businesses employing fewer than ten people – and all genuine start-ups – from new domestic [UK business] regulation [and this will last] for the next three years.”

* “we have agreed with the banks a 15 per cent increase in the availability of credit to small businesses.”

* “Enterprise Investment Scheme. […] From April this year, income tax relief [for investors using this scheme] will increase from 20 per cent to 30 per cent. [and] Next year we will double the amount that any individual can invest through the EIS, increase the size of company that can qualify for investment – and raise the limit on the amount that can be invested in a company by 400 per cent.”

* “From 6 April this year I am doubling the size of Entrepreneurs Relief to £10 million.”

* “In the Plan for Growth we publish today, we set out specific measures we can take to help a wide range of businesses. […] In our digital and creative industries, […] we will improve the intellectual property regime.”

* “the current rate relief holiday for small businesses [was due to] end in October this year. [but] I will extend the rate holiday for small businesses for another year – to October 2012.”

* “From April this year the small companies Research and Development Tax Credit will rise to 200 per cent – and from next year it will rise again to 225 per cent.”

* “We also want to encourage manufacturers to invest in the latest machinery and technology. So I propose to double the limit on the capital allowances for short life assets from four years to eight years.”

* “the allowance for the renovation of business premises in assisted areas – which was due to expire next year – we will extend for a further five years.”

* “the new Enterprise Zones we launch today. [in which] Businesses will get up to 100 per cent discount on rates, new superfast broadband and the potential to use enhanced capital allowances in zones where there is a strong focus on manufacturing.” “[these will initially be in] Birmingham and Solihull; The Black Country; Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire;” […] A further ten Enterprise Zones will be announced in the summer.”

* “The Government is committed to funding new University Technical Colleges which will provide 11-19 year olds with vocational training that is among the best in the world.” […] “To date the Government has announced that it will fund 12 new University Technical Colleges. I can tell the House we will provide funding to double that number to at least 24.”

* “[Youth Apprenticeships raised] to 100,000 places over the next two years. [including] 10,000 more higher level apprenticeships”

* “…dramatically simplify the administration of Gift Aid. Instead of asking charities to submit a written record of every donation made, we will by 2013 pay for a much easier online system.”

* “The Gift Aid benefit limits will be increased from £500 to £2,500 so that charities and museums can say thank you properly.”

* “We will consult in the coming year on how to encourage the donations of pre-eminent works of art and historical objects to our nation in return for a tax deduction.”

* “we will introduce from April next year this major change to our inheritance tax system. If you leave 10 per cent or more of your estate to charity, then the Government will take 10 per cent off your inheritance tax rate. Let’s be clear. No beneficiaries will be better off. Just the charities. To the tune of £300 million.”

* “We will introduce a new scheme where Gift Aid can be claimed on small donations, up to a total of £5,000 a year per charity, without the need for donors to fill in any forms at all. […] 100,000 charities will benefit to the tune of £240 million.”

* from April next year the personal tax allowance will increase […] to £8,105. […] And [I] set this country the goal that no one earning less than £10,000 should be caught in the income tax net.” [likely to be useful to many creatives working part-time]

And a further summary of the creative industries bits from the 128-page supporting document, here.