I just installed Firefox 4.0 final, which is officially out-of-beta and available now. Happy to see that the JURN toolbar and all my Addons work with v4.0, except Font Replacer.

My 10 quick steps to taming Firefox 4….

1. Restored top Menu to “always show” — press Alt | Go: View | Toolbars | tick “Menu Bar”.

2. Added the orange RSS icon back into the address/location bar with an add-on.

3. Removed new “Tabs on Top” feature — Go: View | Toolbars | Untick “Tabs on Top”.

4. Stop Website tracking (it’s a new feature in FF4) — Go: Tools | Options | Advanced | General tab | Tick “Tell Web sites I do not want to be tracked” | OK.

5. Added the Stop (the X icon) button back to the main toolbar, using an add-on.

6. Looked for an alternative to the Past Modern theme/skin (it no longer works with FF4). Eventually settled on Graphite Glow.

7. Removed the annoying flickery “link URL preview” that pops up in the bottom-left corner when you mouseover a link, by using the excellent Link Location Bar add-on.

8. Restored the Add-on Bar to the bottom of the screen — Go: View | Toolbars | Tick “Add-on Bar”.

9. Found that when you have the Find bar open at the bottom of the screen, the “page loading url” appears in the bottom-right rather than the bottom-left corner, which feels much more natural and less distracting.

10. Switched to using HTML5 (rather than Flash) for YouTube videos, since FF4 supports HTML5.

Oddly, FF4 seems to have broken the “News” link in the Google Nav Bar. It’s not a Greasemonkey problem, since it also happens when Greasemonkey is turned off.