You can tell there’s an arts-slashing Treasury spending review on the way, because the think-tank pamphlets are a-flying. The latest on the arts, and why the taxpayer should fund them, is a rather good one from DEMOS; Cultural Value and the Crisis of Legitimacy

“The ‘cultural system’ faces a crisis of legitimacy. At local government level culture is suffering extreme funding cuts, the recent Arts Council England (ACE) Peer Review uncovers a rift between ACE and its Whitehall department (DCMS), and individual organisations continue to stagger from one damning headline to the next.” … “According to a recent survey quoted in Arts Professional, 79 per cent of local government arts officers were expecting their budgets to be at standstill or to be cut. Eighteen English local authorities – one in 20 – have dispensed with their arts services completely since 2002.”