Some of the latest official statistics for the UK…

* Between 32% (Wales) and 23% (London) of UK households have no PC.

* Between 39% (Wales) and 28% (London & South East) of UK households have no net access.

* Around two million children in the UK don’t have internet access at home.

* Between 51% (Wales) and 15% (West Midlands) of people in the UK do not own a mobile phone.

* 13% of UK businesses have no broadband connection.

* 63.2% of UK businesses have no mobile internet access.

* Only 15% of businesses reported sales coming from their website.

* 48% of UK consumers did not buy any services and products online in 2009.

Source: the new Office for National Statistics household expenditure report, relating to data collected in 2009 / Office for National Statistics business survey (UK companies with more than 10 employees).