Pigeons & greenhouses:
Virtual Brum has a large photo gallery/tour of Birmingham’s city centre ‘creative quarter’, Digbeth. It’s even got a pic of the Victorian Urinal, although the gallery does lack a photo of the new £6m Custard Factory extension, The Greenhouse. Now that the Custard Factory has new office space aimed resolutely at “new media” creatives, shouldn’t it finally get some kind of web-site or at least e-mail? Over the last six years I’ve always been amazed that the managers have no web-site, and that the two or three e-mail addresses they’ve ever publicised always bounce. How do they expect all us “new media” types to find out about Greenhouse office prices, space availablity, etc? Pigeon post?

Parcel from Alaska:
My copy of the double-DVD of the first series of Northern Exposure arrived, very neatly wrapped, this morning. Proof (along with Sgt. Bilko) that the US TV system can, very occasionally, produce works of genius.

The LoveBytes Festival has finally issued a “call for work” that (for once) involves a timescale of months, not weeks or days.

Making Time Team:
Of interest to meedja wannabees and budding archeologists alike, on 26th October the Arts Building of The University of Birmingham will host the 2002 Webster Lecture. The Lecture’s to be on “Making Time Team“, by Channel 4 star Mick Aston.

Curves of new-mown grass:

(large version, 80kb)