Boot boy:
A rip-roaring article in The Guardian by sacked ICA boss Ivan Massow.

The “brutal Afghan winter” that wasn’t:
Over in Kabul, it’s warmer than the West Midlands is.

We have fun:
Go to see the We have fun show at Walsall’s New Art Gallery if you can, nostalgia-fans. Harry Wingfield’s solo show (1st Feb – 17th March 2002), at age 91, is a delight. The vibrant colours are amazing; whatever paint he used, it keeps its colour perfectly after more than 30 years. His sureness of craft and composition is probably displayed best in the science books. The paintings are quite small; about half as big again as on the printed page. Political correctness and jeans creep in during the 1970s work, and it seems certain popular books were updated year-on-year to keep pace with changes in ideology. What the exhibition makes wonderfully clear is Wingfield’s mastery of portraying sunlight – at the sea, on a hillside, of sunlight on a child’s toy – and of night and candlelight scenes. The books, being printed, don’t quite convey this aspect of his work faithfully. There’s also an especially nice colour exhibition leaflet in the form of a faux Peter and Jane book. It seems the modern equivalent of Peter and Jane, in the bookshop round the corner in Walsall high st, are a “naughty” pair of siblings called Biff and Chipper who have ‘adventures’ with their shell-suit wearing gran. Who’s going to be nostalgic about them in 30 years? No-one, I would hope.