Arts Festivals:
Richard Morrison in The Times, a veteran of arts festivals, bemoans the proliferation of boring identikit arts festivals

“The notion of celebrating a town’s unique character has been lost. So has the sense of freshness. Many festivals are now just another tired branch of local government. They hardly register on the streets or with the populace.”

Perhaps this is partly because so much vernacular culture — from decorated floats and street processions to live performances in non-theatre venues — is now effectively banned by red-tape and ‘safety’ paranoia. Or perhaps, as Richard Morrison suggests, it’s just lack of ambition. And maybe a certain distain among left-liberal Council arts officials, the casual lumpen assumption that community arts must have a bland inoffensive universal appeal — and therefore cannot arise either from the ‘politically suspect’ local-authentic or from the ‘too demanding and elitist’ fine arts.

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