Shitty Waterside:
The artists and architects who have been involved with creating this ersatz modernist ‘vision’ as the future of the flagship City Waterside area of Stoke-on-Trent should hang their heads in shame. Not to mention the councillors who have apparently granted them planning permission, the various quangos that were supposed to be promoting “the highest standard of architecture” in the city, and the housing associations that are apparently set to blight the affordable-housing aspect of the scheme. Not only do they look ugly and cheap. They are ugly and cheap. A Hanley residents group, having seen round a show-home, reports that:- “you have tiny rooms … we felt that the flats that were on offer were not the best that we have seen available, even at the budget end of the market. We cannot believe that the council have given planning permission for this type of housing. All of the outside areas are ‘communal’.”

The words of a recent Guardian review of the big London retrospective on Modernism seem rather apt… “Go at once. Take a young person to see the Modernism show at the V&A and feel fear. It is the most terrifying exhibition I have seen, because it is politics disguised as art. It opens with a word that says it all – utopia – and ends with an unspoken lie, that this nihilist ideology became merely a style and is no longer a threat. If only.”  Yes; if only.