BitNami’s MediaWiki is a private ‘blank’ Wikipedia. It’s the same free software and template that is used by Wikipedia, but it is completely pre-configured to install and run privately from your desktop PC. All you need to know after the simple install is… how to launch your Web browser! Brilliant.

Then you can start and edit your personal and private Wikipedia. Very useful for small businesses that don’t want to trust their secrets to remote servers, teams of researchers, fiction authors with complex plots to wrangle, or anyone who needs to keep track of complex information in a familiar way. It’s free.


Create an editing account, just like you do on Wikipedia.

To start a new page, search for your page title. Then, when you’re told it doesn’t exist, click the link to start it.

To embed a list of all pages on your front page, paste this in: {{Special:Allpages}}

To change the front-page graphic, load wiki.png in Photoshop , from C:\Program Files\ BitNami MediaWiki Stack \ apps \ mediawiki \ htdocs \ skins \ common \ images, and then allow Photoshop to overwrite it with the new picture.