For several years the Firefox web browser has had a bug that causes some headlines and bold menu items on Web pages to display as gibberish. The bug has been persistent across browser upgrades, and across the switch from Vista to Windows 7. The well-documented problem usually happens when Helvetica is set as a font for bold menu-items.

I’ve finally given up waiting for the Firefox devs to fix the bug, and I’ve installed a useful third-party fix for Firefox called Font Replacer. Unlike per-site GreaseMonkey and Stylish solutions to the problem, Font Replacer is a global “nuke from orbit” solution, one that simply removes the Helvetica font from your browsing experience. It auto-detects use of Helvetica (or any other troublesome font) and instantly swops it to something different.

To set the options on your installed copy of Font Replacer, you go to the top menu of Firefox, then: Tools / Add-ons / Font Replacer / Options / -change the options as required- / Apply / Save / exit.