Film Award:
I may be giving Awards at this year’s Birmingham Film Festival. Yes, that’s giving, not given. Damn. Maybe if I made an arty film of this week’s epic painting exploits? 😉 Award for Fastest Second-Coat of Blue Paint on a Bathroom, including Fiddly-Edges, goes to…

Wired to buy:
Finally, an issue of Wired that I’ll probably buy, after giving up on it for a half-dozen issues.

Good advice:
From Tilda Swinton’s “In the Spirit of Derek Jarman” a speech to be made at the Edinburgh Film Festival (Saturday 1pm at the Cameo: 0131-623 8030)…. “It’s the spirited [creatives] that hold the hands [of cards] in the long run, it always was – [posterity takes] the low-key for the long term, the irreverent, the cheats, the undaunted and inspired rule-breakers, not the goody-goody industrial types with their bedside manners and managerial know-how. It is all done with smoke and mirrors, and it always will be. Not with memos and steering groups.”