NESTA egg:
A new up-to-date report on the UK creative industries, Creating growth: how the UK can develop world-class creative businesses, is out today. There’s a lot to like in the report. It’s useful in laying out the full scale of the recent job losses across the UK creative industries. Most losses have been in commercial design and advertising, but there were also falls in sectors such as games development, music, and film. Design-based exports have halved in the past five years because…. “production activities are migrating to international competitors” and “a number of international approaches appear to be more advanced in terms of the commercialisation agenda [for the CI’s] than the current initiatives in the UK. They have a greater focus on commercial value, an emphasis on cross-sectoral working, and a desire to identify and exploit emerging opportunities,” … while “the current support infrastructure for the creative industries in the UK is disproportionately focused on start-ups.” The report also usefully points out how so many mainstream distribution and sales channels to market have become blocked by vested interests. One line serves as a pitiful reminder of how relatively neglected the creative industries have been, on the research front: “As yet there has been no comprehensive study of entrepreneurial attitudes and awareness among creative professionals,”. [ Update: sadly, the only media coverage for the report seems to have been a short item in The Guardian, by a “print the press release” journo-drone who obviously hadn’t even seen the report. ]