Cycling to work:
Kuro5hin has a big article and debate about cycling to work. ‘This is interesting?’ you ask, eyebrow raised. Yes, for many reasons, including…. “During rush-two-and-a-half-hours, it takes me only slightly longer to ride the 18 miles to work on my bicycle than to drive the 15 miles to work in my car”.

Happy Second Birthday to The_Digital_Media_Industry.pdf; allegedly the minutes of the first meeting of something called “The Creative Industries Business Growth Task Group”. This file has now been on the dismal Creative Industries section of for two whole years; if you look at File / Document Properties / Summary you’ll see this PDF was created on 03/08/00. We really wasted £1,280,000 on this so-called portal?

Up in the air:
From Sunday’s Observer, Artists Occupy Condemned Liverpool Tower Block.