Why is Amazon’s “Recommendations For You” (top bar on the front page) so dumb? Even after ‘training’ it with hundreds of feedbacks. Has no-one devised a ‘taste-engine’ that’s at least intelligent enough to tell the difference between different periods of Bowie’s career? Just because I own Diamond Dogs doesn’t mean I want Bowie albums from his Laughing Gnome or Tin Machine periods. Just because I like Lovecraft in literary form, that doesn’t mean I want every C-grade horror DVD out there. Liking early Brian Eno doesn’t mean I want to see prog-rock albums from Tangerine Dream. And why can’t I tell Amazon in one click that, although I love The Pet Shop Boys, I already own everything worth having that they’ve ever issued? Of course, ‘owned’ items can be turned off completely, but what I want is for Amazon to use them to make its Recommendations intelligently.