The last technology “do-not-want” group, or so it seems, university lecturers

“The survey, answered by 4,600 professors nationwide [ in the USA, found that ] Only 13 percent of the professors surveyed said they used blogs in teaching; 12 percent had tried videoconferencing; and 13 percent gave interactive quizzes using “clickers,” or TV-remotelike devices that let students respond and get feedback instantaneously. The one technology that most teachers use regularly—course-management systems—focuses mostly on housekeeping tasks like handing out assignments or keeping track of student grades. [The survey] did not ask about PowerPoint …”

Since the majority are obviously not spending on personal techie kit / software, perhaps they could get some extra taxes?

“…tax wealth as well as income. […] Take a college professor. Calculate how much they’ll make until retirement from their permanent job. Declare it wealth. Hoover up a chunk. Write in a provision that says they’ll get 47% of the amount paid (with no interest, over ten years) if they ever quit, with the remainder going to a fund to pay for college tuitions for the poor. Sit back; make popcorn; enjoy the reactions.”