A new and fully-revamped Kindle ebook reader is about to be launched in the UK (about time!). The big bugbear of ebook readers is the dull screen contrast in normal shop lighting. That’s the factor that has so far stopped me from even thinking about getting one, even after PDF support was added. But the screen contrast on the new Kindle is said to have been improved “by 50%”, so maybe that’ll be enough to lure me once more toward the ebook displays in the shops. The cheap model of the new version will do Wi-Fi connectivity, and should sell for around £109. When Amazon UK has them at £99 with free shipping, I’ll be considering a purchase. But first I’ll be looking carefully at my trusty Asus Eee netbook and its little EeeRotate screen-turn utility (not to mention its audio-book capabilities), and wondering if I could do without a Kindle. Hopefully, though, this new move will kick-start the ebook retail stores into a sustainable future, sensible local-currency pricing, and open-access for self-publishers.