MyPublisher UK:
MyPublisher has just opened a printing plant in the UK, which should (but doesn’t) mean lower overall costs for an on-demand photography book. Admittedly they’re quality; MyPublisher USA goes head-to-head with competitors in a Nov 2005 basic group-test here, and the quality gets picked over by a real-world user. But… let’s compare those UK & US prices for a moment. UK PRICE for a standard hardback: £19.99 + £4.99 shipping = £24.98. US PRICE for a standard hardback: $29.80 (£17.08) + $8.99 shipping to the UK (£5.15) = £22.23. You save around £2.75 by ordering from the USA. More, perhaps, if you pick a week when there’s a favourable exchange-rate. And, if you’re selling a signed photobook for a standard £30, after sales tax, that’s the difference between a 10-percent profit margin or not.