The art of Dixons:
Interesting reading from two papers published in Cultural Trends 54 (June 2005). As we know, the figures on creative-industries production activity in the UK are pitiful, and where they do exist they’re often inflated, vaguely estimated, and based on dubious methodologies. We know that micro-enterprises account for 82 percent of all businesses in the UK, and that these numbers are probably increasing, but not a great deal else. Crafts production is a thriving area, yet crafts still have a ‘dozy rustic’ public-image and have no appropriate SIC/SOC codes at all by which the government might gather basic statistics on producers. Within the Regional Culture Data Framework, all design-based activities apparently get lumped into the ‘Visual Art’ category. Quote:

“Readers of the Regional Culture Data Framework will search in vain for actual data – even at a national level”.


And manufacture and wholesale/retail distribution of consumer entertainment electronics gets lumped into “radio and television activities”. Your local branch of Dixons counts as a cultural centre, according to the government.