Amid the necessary cuts, this government just seems to keep on making welcome decisions…

“Business Minister announced today that the new government would be shutting down the Business Link network”

It now seems that AWM and Business Link will be replaced by…

* a new system of local enterprise partnerships
* support for the private advice that most companies are already using in preference to Business Link.
* local Chambers of Commerce will take on a bigger role in offering business advice.
* an improved and simpler-to-use online service, accessible both on desktops and on mobiles.
* a new £1bn regional business growth fund will… “help the areas most dependent on public sector employment”.
* a waiver of some employment taxes “for new businesses starting up in targeted regions of the country”.
* And for the West Midlands… “a discount on National Insurance payments of up to £5,000 per new member of staff, capped at £50,000 for 10 staff.”