Green fuse, sputtering:
Welsh Culture minister has ‘innovative’ idea about freedom of expression, shock! Well, at least he tried, let’s give him that. And in the right direction. But the idea does suggests a certain lack of understanding, of both the legal practicalities and of artistic culture. Of course it would be very nice to have a cast-iron constitution that says artists have freedom of expression. Especially in light of the forthcoming ‘religious offences’ law, and the ‘extreme images’ law (er: have the law-makers actually seen any pop surrealism yet; and what about that guy nailed to a cross, wearing nothing but a loincloth?). In one way, the Minister’s ideas should be very worrying. Not because of the fuzzyness, but because it seems he can see the new censorship regime that is going to be ushered in by the new laws, and is trying to position Wales as a ‘haven for free expression’ and thus for artists.