The national Creative Media Workforce Survey 2010 is now live and open…

“Whether you are an employer, an employee or a freelancer, what you tell us about your skills needs, experience of training and recruitment, future plans and working patterns will help us produce the most comprehensive profile of working life in the UK’s creative media industries. The results of the surveys will directly and quickly shape all our work, including future training support, pin-pointing skills gaps and what more we can do to make sure our industries maintain their world-class position.”

The survey is especially important this year, with a new government in power — and funding cuts looming (*). For the first time ever, the Skillset survey will seek the views of those working in publishing. Photographers and film production freelancers (previously collected separately) will also be included for the first time. Skillset has just taken over all regional skills and training funding for film and animation, and has also recently expanded to encompass fashion and textiles. Early results from the survey will be available in the Autumn of 2010.

   * For the first wave of cuts to the arts, the £88m headline figure is made up of the £60m+ of cuts already sneaked into the last Budget by the previous government, plus an additional £27m to be shaved off the cost of the London Olympics. The Arts Council will have to make £19m of cuts in this year.