The Ordnance Survey has released its O.S. OpenSpace API and online interface.

“The OS OpenSpace API is free to access and lets developers create amazing web applications and online projects with Ordnance Survey maps. But OS OpenSpace API is not just for developers. Although the API uses JavaScript to make web pages more interactive, anyone can create an application by following our sample code and tutorials.”

Probably not much use for the talking-satnav generation though. It seems that kids are getting far fewer or no countryside walks, because most adults are clueless at reading O.S. maps

“I put a 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey map on the table and they didn’t know where to start”

Mud seems to be the other fear, but in the age of dirt-cheap supermarket clothes and giant turbo washing machines I can’t see how that can be a genuine problem. Maybe the more precise irrational fear is of getting mud in the car?

Sigh. When I was a cub scout I can remember several times at camp when we had to yomp for five miles in pairs, with only a map and a compass for company.

But I suppose the new research shows there’s strong potential for guided walks for newcomers to an area, since once someone knows the route they don’t need a map. Possibly those guided walks could even be led by artist/historian pairs?