Some readers may remember I put together a July 2009 Spotify compilation album Space Patrol : the rise of early British electropop

“The early evolution of the British electropop sound, presented in chronological date order over the seminal years from 1977 until 1983.”

I’m pleased to say that the solo John Foxx tracks and one early Eno/Cluster track I originally wanted for it — tracks previously unavailable on Spotify — are now available and have been added to the tracklist in the right places. The only track that now remains missing is Thomas Leer’s “Private Plane” (1979). The Spotify link to the album is here.

The album opens with John Foxx singing “My Sex” (7″ single, Jan 1977).

I was inspired to update it, after hearing the opening minute of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” (Nov 1971) — and realising it must have been a strong inspiration for Kraftwerk’s “Elektrisches Roulette” (Oct 1973), the opening track on Ralf und Florian. I’ve now started a Spotify “prequel” to Space Patrol called Space Shot, looking at the pre-1977 roots of British electropop — although it’s not public yet. And probably won’t be until the BBC Radiophonic Workshop stuff gets onto Spotify.