Field day:
Stanford University are developing camera -110205.html”>light field photography; which will apparently mean we will be able to switch the depth-of-field focus of an image, long after it was captured, using simply software. But there’s no sign – yet – of a sensor able to evaluate your image against an in- camera database of the compositions used in “great photography”. Don’t laugh; basic automatic face-recognition technology is already inside the mass-market Adobe Photoshop Elements v4.0, albeit only at the level of recognising basic face-shapes. How long before some bright spark decides to apply the principles to some basic picture-composition analysis? Future amateur photographers may be able to download a “Cartier-Bresson module” for their “Hot or Not? v1.0” Photoshop plug-in, giving their image a “1-to-10” aesthetic judgement when compared to a database of the compositions and dark-light spacings of Cartier-Bresson ‘s best pictures. As Cartier-Bresson once said of photography: “Il n’y a que coincidences” (‘there are only coincidences’). Could software detect some repeating patterns in those coincidences?

Yosemite Sky

Yosemite Sky v1.1 is a
quality Photoshop emulation of the
“Ansel Adams style” black sky effect .
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