On now — until 16th May 2010.
Matthew Boulton and the Art of Making Money.


“Celebrating the bicentenary of Boulton’s death, the exhibition focuses on the art of making money in all its aspects: as mechanical art, fine art, and the art of making a profit.”

On now – until 6th March 2010.
Minimal Means.


“A group show that explores how a significant group of contemporary artists have responded to Modernism”.

On now — until 11th March 2010.


“The exhibition features thirty selected contemporary glass artists of the Scottish Glass Society”

23rd January – 2nd May 2010
Turner to Samuel Palmer: British Watercolours 1800-1850

Samuel Palmer

The second part of “British Drawings and Watercolours”.

13th Feb – 7th Mar 2010.
The Staffordshire Hoard.


27th March – 20th June 2010.
Francis Bacon: In Camera.

“This exhibition will focus on Bacon’s work in relation to film and photography. For the first time, items from the vast array of images Bacon absorbed will be shown in close proximity to the paintings they inspired. It will include significant oil paintings, archival material, film footage and stills which shed new light on the visual references to film and photography in his work and his transformation of these images in fluid oil paint.”

1st May — 5th September 2010.
A Sentimental Journey: Joseph Wright in Italy, 1773-1775.


“This exhibition re-traces Wright’s footsteps through sketches, journal entries and letters to provide a fascinating and intimate glimpse of the artist’s experiences abroad. The tour was a journey of personal and professional enlightenment which had a profound effect on Wright’s work.”

28th May – 28th June 2010.
Jaskirt Dhaliwal: British Asian Musicians series.


“All of the artists who feature in British Asian Musicians were photographed in a place of importance to them, places where they have drawn some of their musical inspiration.”

26th June — 30th August 2010.
An Inland Adventure: Photographs by Robert Longden.


“During the late 1940s and early 1950s Robert Longden produced a remarkable portfolio of high quality black and white images. These photographs record the working life of the narrowboat people he encountered at the confluence of the Oxford and Coventry Canals, Hawkesbury Junction and Sutton Stop.”

24th July – 31st October 2010.


“Volcano celebrates the extraordinary outpouring of artistic genius that volcanic eruptions have triggered over the past five centuries. From sixteenth century engravings showing imagined cross-sections of the fiery centre of the earth, to an explosive series of paintings by Joseph Wright, J.M.W. Turner … taking as its route the sequence of volcanic eruptions, from the calm volcano in the landscape, to the first ominous rumblings, to cataclysmic explosion, through panic and death, to aftermath and then quietly back to dormancy and extinction.”

31st July — 26th September 2010.
Face to Face.


“Photographer James Mollison shows thirty powerful, large-scale portraits of our closest relatives — the apes. Photographed in ape sanctuaries in Cameroon, Congo, Indonesia, Germany and the USA.”

31st October – 16th December 2010.
The House of Fairy Tales.


“New and exciting ways fairy tales have been interpreted and explored by the international artists who have produced this extraordinary series of images inspired by familiar stories.”