At a time when everyone seems to be focussed on re-purposing web content for mobile, what about adapting for 24″ widescreen monitors? Why stick with a long scrolling page format for search results, for instance — something that’s more suited to the age of the long tall accounting-ledger?


When the results could look like this:


How? Here’s my formula:

The Firefox web browser, with handy GreaseMonkey addon. Then add the “Google 100” GreaseMonkey script, and configure it to display 24 Google results per search page. Now add the “GoogleMonkeyR” script, and configure it to show Google results in three columns (and also to remove clutter such as “Related searches” and “Sponsored Links”).

You may never scroll your search-results again.

I’m assuming you already have AdBlock Plus installed on Firefox, to remove all Google text ads. The GreaseMonkey script New Google Ad-block may also be of interest, to block the page-integrated ads that Google is now adding to results.

Another two minor embellishment to search results are the GreaseMonkey scripts Linkify Google Search Results and Link accoutrements – prepend, which adds tiny unobtrusive colour icons before all links to PDF, XLS, DOC, PPT files, and e-mail links…


Also useful for major search sessions is the Firefox addon SurfClarity, which is arguably the most robust “domain eraser” for reliably and perpetually removing spammy domains from your search results, or removing results from domains offering you paywall content which you’re never going to buy. It’s meant to be used very sparingly, though — it has no feature to mass import/export your blocked URLs.

Once you’re done you can back up all your Firefox addons and scripts, and their configurations, with the free MozBackup utility.