AWMmist, a new map-based directory for the hi-tech sector in the West Midlands.

“The initial data set comes from importing existing data, but it is expected that organisations keep their data up to date themselves through the AWMist web interface. […] users are able to search for key words and will be shown a list of matching organisations as a result. Access to organisation data will be very limited. Registered users […] will be able to see more data, especially contact details.”

Sadly it makes the classic public-sector business directory mistake of presenting you with a search-box and then making you guess which keywords the makers might have used. You can’t just pan around the map and see the full database laid out on the map.

Worryingly, a search for Staffordshire fails to reveal Staffordshire University at either Stoke or Stafford. Stafford is the computing and hi-tech campus.

You can also try searching it via Google…

   keyword site:

…although, as is increasingly common with database-driven sites, the Googlebot appears to have given up indexing after harvesting the first 50 records. I suspect it’s an anti-spam technique, when the bot encounters large numbers of similar template-based pages.