Excellent; today I got the entire third-season of Northern Exposure on DVD. Regretably, it led to my first negative eBay experience in several years. I ordered on 10th June, paid immediately (and for airmail postage). But then “ndtenterprise” (Nader Tamadon) took a whole month to ship it to me. Eventually, it came direct from Amazon anyway. I left “neutral” feedback for him, and a simple comment on the late delivery. But then he immediately left a spurious “negative” comment for me, in order to force a ‘mutual withdrawl of comments’. Nasty. And judging by his eBay feedback record, it happens a lot. Oh well, the DVD is here now. But; don’t buy DVDs from “ndtenterprise” on eBay if you’re in a rush for a present. It makes me wonder if some people are stashing eBay payments in a bank account for a month, creaming off the monthly interest, and then getting Amazon to fulfil the order?