Press Display, allowing you to view the front pages of daily newspapers from across the UK, and to purchase screen-readable copies. The weekly edition of The Birmingham Post costs $0.99 to read online, ads and all. That’s a welcome example of an electronic publication that’s significantly cheaper than the paper version.



There are some flaws. The navigation is broken, in that you can’t bookmark a particular national page (although when you see UK front-pages all together, it’s a fairly revolting spectacle) or a particular newspaper. And the heavily framed site breaks your browser’s “back” button. Payment is by a clunky process of finding your wallet and entering all your credit card details, rather than by a PayPal button.

I’m hoping my local paper appears on this, since getting a paper version delivered by a paperboy is impossible – new-build flats have postman-only entry-code doors and the letterboxes are all inside.