I’ve cured a strange problem, so I thought I’d share the solution here. Interior WordPress.com pages and individual posts were not loading. Trying to load them in Firefox or IE resulted in a white page. Front pages were fine. My self-hosted installations of WordPress blogs were also fine.

“View Source” showed that the full page was loading, but nothing was being displayed. Odd. I tracked the problem down to one script line in the page headers that called in:


I blocked this in Firefox by adding it to the AdBlock Plus addon’s block-list, just as it is above. It instantly cured the problem. WordPress.com interior pages and individual posts now load without a problem. I can also post comments without any problem.

I suspect the problem may have arisen because WordPress.com has moved on to using the very latest version, 2.8.6. But I haven’t been able to find any blog chatter from other people complaining about non-loading interior pages.