Yesterday I saw ten superb pinhole landscapes from Finnish photographer Marja Pirila, part of the Facing East: photography from the Baltic nations show at The Light House (until 6th July). Digital pinhole is perfectly possible; my 300D would use a T-adapter for a telescope, with some duck tape or thick foil over the end. Exposure times are very long, and that means a lot of microscopic dust wafts through onto the sensor. So it’s not cheap; you’d need to budget for a CCD cleaning after every series of pinholes. It could be cheaper to buy an old film SLR for a tenner, and play around with that. There’s a nifty bit of software, PinholeDesigner v2.0 to help pinhole photographers do the maths required. And this bloke deserves a Blue Peter badge for constructing a 3D stereographic pinhole camera from an old sweetie tin.