The arts cuts bite:
The Picture House Gallery in Leicester is threatened with closure. A long-time venue for photography shows, Arts Council East Midlands has cut all funding, without any consultation or even any rationale being given. We can’t afford to loose such dedicated exhibition spaces for photography. It’s true there are signs of life in British photography: we have Bradford, Gilbert & George are in Venice, and the London Tate is set to stage a major show of British photography. But too often such developments have a whiff of curatorial mothballs about them. We need the small galleries that show contemporary photography, because most mainstream gallerists remain fickle fashion-followers in choosing to show photography or not, and there are still only a couple of British photography festivals (France apparently stages more than seventy each year). We seem to be moving toward a future where a good photographer only can expect significant exposure mainly via small magazines, web-zines and books.