Hissing and loathing:
Punk: Sex, Seditionaries and the Sex Pistols is the title of an exhibition at Manchester’s new ?30-million Urbis (until 7th August), celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Sex Pistol’s first gig. The sub Jamie Reid-style poster claims listlessly: “anarchy is back.”. Who really thinks the tired chewed-over gob of the Sex Pistols counts as ‘radical’ or even ‘interesting’ any more? Except those who profit from it? Ok, there are still a couple of provoking relics roaming around (Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV play Birmingham’s Supersonic festival; Custard Factory, 9th July). But if you wanted something to provoke hissing and loathing amongst our current rulers and cultural elite, these days it probably looks like The Heart of England: real and imagined Englishness in art from 1800 at the Buckingham Chilterns University College, Chalfont St. Giles (from 15th July).