Junk = chump?:
A fascinating opinion piece in The Sunday Times, expanding on recent press coverage of the clear “diet & mood/behaviour” linkage; which has apparently been obvious for twenty years. (Free registration required). It would be interesting to find some stereotypical university students, subsisting on pot-noodles and beans, and run a trial to see if there’s a similar effect there? The article by the editor of Medicine Today concludes by suggesting a tax on junk-food. Or how about taxing junk-food, but give a tax exemption if it’s laced with multi-vitamins.

Special K:
Bill Drummond profile and interview in today’s Sunday Telegraph. (Free registration required). And why is Iceland suddenly this incredibly fashionable place to go? At this rate, by the time I ever get there, it’ll be full of ‘Bjork Walks & Talks’ package tourists. 😉

Wild life:
Around here the back yards are mostly barren stone deserts, but mine at least has an attempt at a garden, and so seems to be being chosen as the resort-of-choice of rare wildlife. In the last few days; a grumpy grey-green toad, a two-inch long moth with patterns like shavings from expensive pencils, and what seem to be bats at night. Oh, and a really wild-looking cat that looks exactly like pictures of Scottish wild cats, complete with short stubby ears. Great; I get all the halloween animals. I should really take photos of them, though; my total of one photo so far for June is rather dismal.

So long, Salon?:
It seems the once proud web magazine Salon is about to croak.com. You can always tell when ‘zines are flagging; they wheel out the “sex issue” and the “reader survey”. Speaking of which; in an attempt to boost my flagging audience figures caused by June’s gaps in my blogging (+ no photos, + readership out & about in the summer weather), let’s go down the “shameless sex to boost ratings” route: to the Mapping Sex project. It’s an interesting presentational concept, but with the worrying potential to be a home for too much bad poetry & haiku. If you’ve ever been to New York then you can pin your experience on the map too. Oh, and Wired is running a feature on arty ‘alternative erotica’ web-sites. One of them is apparently a “Mod-styled” site; which reminds me, I saw a real labretta & parka Mod group motoring by the other day; I told you there was a Mod revival brewing.