New camera :
You know when you look at a person with two mis-matched dogs, and you think – “why”? I’m the same with camera s. I have a big ugly Canon that sits inside a bigger bag with lenses and kit, and it doesn’t go out much – because it’s too much trouble. I also have a dinky-twinkly Fuji that fits in a pocket, goes everywhere, and makes amusing noises. But the small one finally died this week, after a terminal attack of the lingering ‘CCD spots’ disease. It’s been buried in the garden on eBay. So, today I bought a new Fuji. It’s even smaller and even more twinkly than the old one – and it does black & white. As in: B&W on the LCD screen in real-time. That’s a quite startling view, for someone only used to seeing B&W after man-handling a colour image through Photoshop . It opens up all sorts of avenues to explore. Watch this space.