Two of the nation’s most important artists, currently representing the UK at the Venice Biennale (opens 12th June) and with a big Tate retrospective in 2007, are living under siege. Presumably, it’s because they’re gay…

“I had assumed their front door looked the way it did in order to annoy the neighbours, whose houses have all been beautifully painted with colours from the National Trust ‘heritage’ range. It turns out, though, that it was recently kicked down by a gang of Muslim youths while they were out. The shutters on the upper windows stay closed since a brick was lobbed through one of them, damaging many of the thousands of 19th-century Christopher Dresser vases they have amassed. The doorstep most mornings is fouled with human piss or shit.

Other interviews are with The Telegraph

“We have a special computer with amazing power, because we use three gigabytes of memory. That’s enormous. But it’s still not enough. They’re building a new one at the moment.”

…and the Financial Times.