‘One Party & a Sketch Book’:
Sorry for not blogging daily this week; it’s that busy time of year again, where everyone bustles – before July begins to creep towards the long school holidays. Although; judging by the number of children apparently truanting, you might think the holidays have already started. Things to do: a new web-site to complete, a talk to prepare, meetings to arrange, meetings to attend, letters to write, a major artist’s commission to plan, plus a house to renovate. Still, I managed last night’s Gavin Turk opening party; and was still able to stumble at some unfeasibly early hour this morning into WH Smiths for a nice blank-paged artist’s book to fill with ideas for the new commission. At which point, some deity-of-the-bright-morning smiled and revealed unto me a £7.99 DVD copy of Four Weddings & a Funeral. I’ve been casually looking for this for some time; all High St. retailers having bumped it back up to the horribly full price just before Xmas. Ok, it’s a slightly pitiful treat to myself for getting the commission, perhaps; but as I’m still waiting for my artsnet money after three months I’m very aware that no freelancer can believe offers of lots-of-money until the cheque is in the bank and the funds are cleared.

Pure Tone:
A Norwegian artist, Tone Nyarkoh, has a new site & online gallery. She took her degree in North Staffordshire at Stoke, then settled in South Staffordshire, where she’s now working as an artist in Tipton. Her latest funded project will investigate links between this Black Country town and her home town of Trondheim in Norway. Which is not as silly as it sounds; Staffordshire was roughly the boundary between ‘English’ England (Mercia) and ‘Viking’ England (‘Danelaw’), during the 9th century; hence the surviving modern division between the East and West Midlands.