Passing the plate:
kuro5hin needs $70,000 to pay for operating and traffic costs. So the editor made an appeal to the readership. He’s raised over $17,000 in donations in the last 48 hours. Who says weblogs can’t make money? If you care to do something similar for me, then please donate a few clicks to push D’log into the Eatonweb Top 10 Art Blogs. I’m currently languishing rather embarrassingly at No.11, behind the Dog Blog (Daily Dog Drawings) 🙂

Gene therapy candidates:
PR disasters; any surfer constantly sees examples of these. Mostly they take the form of ugly / dated web-sites, which are so common they’re usually not worth mentioning. But last night I was looking at an item about the meeting of a local design-industry “think-tank”. The write-up included a photo of the group with a large board. This board was covered with big yellow Post-It notes containing the group’s collective wisdom. Even on a low-res JPEG, one outstanding note clearly read: “Need Gene Therapy For The Locals”.

East Midlands, again:
The head of a leading Midlands gallery once told me he’d rather slit his wrists than work with East Midlands Arts org’s. But those days seem long gone, and now each week brings more evidence that the Nottingham/Derby duo are powering ahead with what appears to be a savvy ground-up cultural-industries microbusiness strategy. I suspect this has a lot to do with Birmingham loosing a key media development promoter about nine months ago; he felt overlooked and so went to a high-level job in the East Midlands. Anyway; now Derby is setting up a Creative Strategy to promote the city’s creative talent. The East Midlands Development Agency is supporting the first event & CD launch; which happens Tues 25th June 2002 at Susumi Noodle Bar, Friar Gate, Derby. 6.30pm for 7pm – 11pm.

Beg Nottingham
But of course, the rise of the creative class leaves in its wake… those pesky & oh-so annoying gene therapy candidates. Perhaps they should beg where it’s more respectable; to paraphrase Norman Tebbit, “Get on y’er weblog!”.