Citibank Prize:
Elina Brotherus, who I made a portrait of last year, has been nominated for the Citibank Photography Prize. I have to say, though, that my money’s on the excellent Roger Ballen to win.

Whatever next?:
Way back in August 2001 I told D’log readers about… “the incipient ‘1980s revival’, which is due to go mainstream over the next six months.” Well, hey – for what little it’s worth in a week when President Bush announced $48-billion in new funding for the war on terrorism – I was right. Even the BBC has suddenly woken up to the fact that… “The 1980s has been enjoying something of a revival of late. Punk and new-romantic fashions are back on the high street and various 80s bands are back on tour.” It would have to be rather late punk, and plastic Punk at that, to be classed as “1980s” though. Don’t they teach junior reporters any bloody history at school these days? 😉

Museum overrun with mice:
The mainstream media begin playing catch-up with interactive new-media art; The Observer & the BBC.

Following my recent blogging about Tipton (see below), The Spectator chips in with ‘Creatures of the cultural cringe’, an article which states that… “Tipton is a pimple on the backside of modern British consumer society.”

Intervention pics:
Three of my pics from over 100 I took at Friday night’s excellent Intervention launch. More (lots more) & a full report soon. Go see it, if you’re in Birmingham!