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On the job

An interesting new article on the “job blocking” effect in UK museums and the arts. How it happens: A relatively mundane arts/heritage job attracts an overqualified person to do it, due to a small number of sector vacancies and vast oversupply of graduates. But the overqualified person soon announces they are leaving for a better […]

On the table

Why is UK price inflation rising? Here’s the ONS table. The rise in “other recording media” is largely videogames, according to the Office of National Statistics. So if you’re not a regular reader of new books, or playing lots of new games purchased in the High St. on DVDs, or steering your new gas-powered boat […]

Corporation Street

A unusually good street-level view of Corporation Street, Birmingham. Electric trams. The presence of the City School of Wireless Telegraphy, Ltd., and the soldier in uniform, suggests a date of about 1919.