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Innovate UK

Innovate UK, in Birmingham. The event… “will explore themes such as robotics and urban planning and what this means for the individual, business and government. Other topics include artificial intelligence, smart cities, alternative food sources and space exploration.” 8th to 9th November 2017 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, UK. NEC not looking […]

John Baskerville: Art and Industry in the Enlightenment

A new Birmingham history book, just published: John Baskerville: Art and Industry in the Enlightenment… “Baskerville was a Birmingham inventor, entrepreneur and artist with a worldwide reputation who made eighteenth-century Birmingham a city without typographic equal, by changing the course of type design.”

It’s a Beast…

BEAST FEaST 2018, 26th – 28th April 2018, at the University of Birmingham, UK. Three days of electroacoustic music, meetings and ideas. Sadly all the submission dates have been and gone.

Pop off

I’m researching the 2018 gallery exhibitions. I’ve lost count of the number of galleries that block my Web browser’s view within micro-seconds of arrival, with their infernal marketing-spam pop-over layers. Any I have a few browser add-ons that try to stop such things. Between this and the pollution of the search results, how does anyone […]

“No events found”

“No events found” for BM&AG: Adults / Exhibitions. I had the same result a year ago, when researching the new 2017 exhibitions. It’s not due to the lack a date input either, as the same setting gives a range of events when ‘Exhibitions’ is not the drop-down choice.


The Drayton Manor theme park’s science-fiction fireworks display this autumn, Sky-Fi. “Will have you truly enthralled and entertained, with fireworks set to music from sci-fi favourites including Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars [etc].” Very expensive, but it sounds refreshingly different.

Graphic Medicine

Graphic Medicine : the interaction of comics & healthcare. A lively and dedicated website complete with: an occasional podcast; a “This Week in Graphic Medicine” digest; comics reviews; and an annual conference (2018: Vermont / 2019: Brighton, UK).

Brexit, what Brexit?

Looking through Eventbrite in the West Midlands. Where are the local “Are you Ready for Brexit?” and “How to Get the Most From Brexit” and “Preparing for a Great Brexit” events? Businesses and universities seem to be still trundling along for a snooze at “European Funding Workshop: Part 23” etc.

Close To The Noise Floor

Close To The Noise Floor, a “4-CD, 61-track set exploring the origins of electronica in the UK” from 1975-1984. A collection of extreme rarities, judging by the track listing, and with almost no overlap with my own more pop-y chronological Space Patrol : the rise of early British electropop, 1977-1983. The Human League’s “Being Boiled” […]

Windows Burpdate

The cover of the latest ComputerActive magazine, one of the best-selling magazines in the UK. Windows Update now assumed to be a front-page threat to your PC…

Postcards from Stoke

A new photoblog, Postcards from Stoke showing vintage picture postcards from Stoke and across north and mid Staffordshire (and the nearby Peak and the bits of Cheshire bordering Staffordshire).

Austra: Future Politics

I had a listen to Austra’s new album Future Politics (2017), lured by the far-future sci-fi theme and a reviewer’s rather ambitious comparison to Eno’s famous album Another Green World. Though I was almost dissuaded from investigating, by off-putting leftist virtue-signalling in a media interview. But, like the Russians under communism, I’m increasingly developing cognitive […]