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Bunker junkered

Wonderful news… “Birmingham Central Library: Demolition work begins”. Good riddance to the hideous old bunker. The bunker was claimed by some to have been an expression of an era, and thus worth keeping as an exemplar. But the true architectural expression of an era can only be spontaneous, unforced and organically rooted in its society. […]

Bone records

An exhibition on until 19th December 2015 at the Horse Hospital in London, Bone Music 1946-1964. It shows and documents the old bootleg home-made records of socialist Russia. The records were widespread and made out of old X-ray plates. From the late 1940s music-lovers in Russia defied total and often murderous censorship of music, and […]

The details on postgraduate Masters loans

Keele University has just posted new details on the government’s forthcoming Masters degree loans scheme. Looking at this news, and also at the government’s consultation PDF linked to by Keele, the details of the scheme now appear to be as follows:— * A £10,000 loan to pay for a one-year full-time taught Masters degree, on […]

Centre for Printing History and Culture

A new Centre for Printing History and Culture, likely to be of interest to those who know their paste-up from their blow-up… “The Centre for Printing History and Culture, a joint initiative between Birmingham City University (BCU) and the University of Birmingham, was launched […] on Wednesday 25 November. The Centre consists of academics, curators, […]

Boy and Bicycle

“Boy and Bicycle” 1965, 27 minutes. Ridley Scott’s first film… The BFI also now has the film for free, possibly in a better print from the 16mm original, but I couldn’t get their player working (uses Flash?).