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Reddit Enhancement Suite

Useful. There’s an equivalent of Facebook’s F.B. Purity filtering browser add-on, but for Reddit. Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Inside the Spode factory

Inside the Spode factory, Stoke-on-Trent, 26th September 2015:

Course in the sight reading of Spanish?

Why are there no adult courses in “sight reading of Spanish” and other similar-to-English written languages? Not in speaking the language, not in writing it, but just in being able to sight read it — to the level where one doesn’t need to puzzle over the surreal Google-isms of Google Translate. Such a course would […]

Garden of Cosmic Speculation

“The Garden of Cosmic Speculation” is an amazing garden landscape in the hills at Crawick, Scotland (about thirty-five miles north of Carlisle/Gretna Green). It appears that it’s now maturing nicely. Somehow I totally missed news of the official opening of this, back in July. (Video).

The TV Tax

Oh dear, the government seems to be headed blindly towards a new form of Poll Tax. Compulsory TV Licence payments for all households, if they have TV or not. Not having a TV, and not having had one for the last 20 years, I certainly won’t be paying a tax to support BBC TV. All […]

Getting past the roadblocks, and are such pains in the neck on free sites. Often they’re unreachable and thus totally prevent the main blog from loading. Is there no way to create a local cache of the common design graphics and styles that these sub-sites host for Perhaps via a browser addon?

Findit in Brum… or not

Why does Birmingham City Council keep its current procurement opportunities list behind a sign-up wall? It seems that Brummies can see lists of Awarded Contracts and notices of Forthcoming Contracts. But live and currently-offered contracts are available only via the membership group Findit, and the public are blocked from them by a password box. Should […]