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How to fix Firefox’s new mousewheel scrolling

The lastest version of Firefox / Nightly seems to have changed what happens when you nudge your central mouse wheel, intending to move down a Web page. It seems to be set up for iPads now, when users are used to ‘jumping’ down the screen in pseudo-frames. But it’s very annoying to jump like that […]

The Westport Independent

The Westport Independent is a interesting forthcoming videogame about, well, not so much outright censorship so much as more subtle information warfare in the Russia Today (RT) style… “As editor, your job is to control the flow of news, affecting readers’ opinions of the autocratic Loyalist government and the rebel forces opposing it. As articles […]

Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future

The new report from the government’s Digital Skills Committee, Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future. A quick skim-read suggests it’s very much focussed on skills and jobs. A couple of items that caught my eye… “cybersecurity not being taught in schools, resulting in a “lost generation” of youngsters who ended up teaching themselves and […]

Google AirView

Wow, I just thought: Google AirView, alongside Google StreetView. A fleet of GoogleDrones making 360 degree airborne HD camera pictures at various levels above the ground. Meaning you won’t just be able to walk a place in StreetView, but also hover above it for elevated views from anywhere. It would fill the gap between the […]

Return of the Flying Circus

The Circus of Drones…

New NESTA report on creative industries in the regions

NESTA has a new and waffle-free short report on the creative industries outside London, and is proposing that £100m of the Regional Growth Fund cash should target growing creative clusters in the regions. The first few pages have a useful up-to-date summary of all the UK creative industries statistics on size and employment. Even given […]


“Region’s tech firms show ‘remarkable’ optimism”… “A Barclays survey reveals that West Midlands tech firms are showing “remarkable” optimism as they expect to grow six times faster than GDP in 2015, according to a new survey.”

Tech Nation report

Tech Nation is a new report which claims to have surveyed the 21 UK digital production clusters outside London. Of such companies formed since 2008, 74 percent were found to be located outside London. Of companies formed since 2010… Birmingham is deemed by the report to be an “early stage” cluster, but has apparently seen […]

Google Earth Pro is now free

Google Lat Long has announced that Google Earth Pro is now free. It once cost $400 a year.