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More events for 2015

Added to the West Mids events 2015… 14th-15th March 2015:The Beauty of Letters : text, type and communication in the eighteenth century. A joint annual conference of the Centre for West Midlands History and the Baskerville Society. University of Birmingham. 12th June 2015:Controlling Crypto-currencies. One day conference at Birmingham Law School.

Edge question for 2015 – in Kindle .mobi format

The world’s leading thinkers on the Edge question for 2015: “What do you think about machines that think?”. Since the single page is the length of two novels (130,000 words), and Instapaper et al will choke on it, I’ve taken the liberty of making a simple free Kindle .mobi conversion which looks nice and has […]

Wired UK redesign

Wired UK redesign. Finally, a magazine that realises that a widescreen desktop PC is not an iPad. Who knew? I’m still reading their article list in stripped-down RSS, though. And then pushing interesting articles through Instapaper to my old-school Kindle ereader. Sorry, designers. Very pretty and all that, and it even scrolls sideways. But until […]

Details on the UK’s postgraduate loans

The fine details have emerged on the UK’s forthcoming postgraduate loans funding for Masters degrees: Update: this old post has now been superseded by a new post.

Typographic Hub

The Typographic Hub at BIAD, has a 2015 diary online for their Birmingham talks. Students and staff only, apparently, but I daresay if you know your boldface from your dingbat then they might let an interested local designer sit in at the back.

2013 UK creative industries statistics

The new government report Creative Industries Economic Estimates: January 2015 is now available for download. It’s good news, albeit conveniently released at just the right moment to try to mute reaction to David Cameron’s stonkingly stupid promise to ‘outlaw all software that uses encryption’, which is what his statement amounts to. I was pretty sure […]

Impact Hub scholarships

Birmingham’s Impact Hub has now gone beyond £60,000 in fundraising, and so will start a scholarship fund. The application period for the first scholarship will open March 2015. There’s also an associated ongoing photography project.

“We drive, drive, drive, on the Aston Expressway…”

Where better than industrial Birmingham for a conference on Kraftwerk’s early days and influence? Industrielle Volksmusik for the Twenty-First Century: Kraftwerk and the Birth of Electronic Music in Germany. 21st-22nd January 2015, Aston University in Birmingham.

A rough guide

“Birmingham? Why send tourists there?” warbles Tim Moore in the Telegraph. His key points seem to be… * Brum is being over-hyped and mis-sold by the city’s PR professionals. The City Centre has shopping and eateries plus a little unchallenging culture, but so do plenty of other places. * Concrete 1970s horror still lies in […]

New Year Mummers’ Owd Tup

From Addy, S. O., “Guising and Mumming in Derbyshire”, Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, XXIX, Jan 1907, pp.31-42. The New Year tradition was to have a sort of combination Wassail / Mummers’ procession, but without the Mummers’ story element, headed by either a Owd Tup (Old Ram) figure or a Owd […]

D’log’s West Mids events 2015

D’log‘s events listings page has flipped over the calendar, and is now West Mids events 2015. Complete with an initial roster of the more interesting digital and creative events set for 2015, mostly in Birmingham.

Penkhull Wassail

A quick little 2-minute video I made of last night’s Penkhull Wassail, a successful revival in urban Stoke-on-Trent of the ancient New Year wassail folk tradition. The Penkhull Wassail joins Barlaston, in the south of the city, in having an annual New Year wassail. The local morris dancers were Penkhull’s own Domesday Morris, and the […]

2020: Tracking Optimism

New Year, new blog.