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Dustin Yellin

Dustin Yellin of Red Hook, New York City. His “Psychogeographies” series is Green Man like 3d figures, made by placing layers of organic materials between plates of glass. Sort of ‘Jeff Koons meets Antony Gormley’, at a first glance. Photo: Emily Andrews.

Digital Business Academy opens its MOOCs

Eight new MOOC courses, online for free from the UK’s Digital Business Academy… 1: Size up your idea 2: Set up a digital business 3: Develop and Manage a Digital Product 4: Make a marketing plan 5: Build a brand 6: Understand Digital Marketing Channels 7: Run a digital marketing campaign 8: Master finance for […]

The hipster effect

A scientific paper on “The hipster effect: why anticonformists all look the same”. Basically: the intense peer-pressure of youth + being too lazy to keep up with the evolving microtrends = they just copy each other. I recall the useful lesson taught by John Foxx in the 1980s: that whatever is fashionable, the true hipster […]

Around the Globe

Good to see British theatre branching out into selling online video of the shows. Globe Player is a new video-on-demand platform from the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London. All filmed productions from the past 7 years, on demand.

Wolverhampton Books & Collectables

Hand in Glove takes a peek inside the Wolverhampton Books & Collectables shop. It’s great to see places like this hanging on, in the face of eBay, Amazon’s sale of used books, and free online scans of old printed material. But the age of bargains has generally passed. The owners of such used bookshops, charity […]